Physiotherapy / physical therapy.


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We provide physiotherapy or physical therapy. For treatment of muscle injuries, pains in shoulders, back (spine / vertebra), neck and joint pains. That includes treatment after sports injuries, revalidation after accidents etc. We provide general and specialized physiotherapy treatments such as manual therapy (i.e. mobilization of joints) and geriatrics (elderly) physiotherapy.

Call us for an appointment: 0317 421487.

Covid protocol

If necessary for your care, and if we can treat you safely, we plan a treatment in our fysical therapy practice. Stay at home if you experience any of the following symptoms; runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, elevation in temperature or fever and / or sudden loss of smell and / or taste (with or without nasal congestion).

It is then important that together we adhere to the following hygiene rules:

  • Bring your own bath towel
  • Please do not enter the practice earlier than a few minutes before the appointment
  • Disinfect your hands upon entry and departure (disinfection pump is at the entrance)
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Keep your appropriate distance if applicable

You will not come in case you have a flu or fever or any other covid symptoms or in case of suspected covid infection.

What to expect when visiting our practice?

1. On your first visit to our practice, we ask you to bring your identification and, if applicable, your health insurance card and the referral from your GP or specialist.
2. Upon entering our practice, you can have a sit  in our waiting room, you’ll get notified when the therapist is ready for you.
3. The therapist will enter into a conversation to clarify your request for help, a physical examination and possibly treatment may also be on the agenda for the first time, this depends on your request.

Our team

Regular tariff for one session in 2022 is € 37,50 (if applicable we can send the invoice directly to your insurer), see tarif list.

General physical therapy information

Your health is our care, therefore you can contact us directly for an appointment, call 0317 421487 or send an e-mail to:

We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of general musculoskeletal injuries or pain that arises out of activities of daily living e.g.

Back and Neck Pain – We can assess and provide safe, effective treatment for back and neck pain.

Orthopeadic Rehabilitation – We are experienced in providing rehabilitation to regain normal function after injury or orthopaedic surgery.

Sports Injuries – We are experienced at assessing, treating and returning to sport, people, from high to recreational level.

Specialist Care

Apart from the general physical therapy we provide:

Manuel Therapy, uses specific hands-on techniques, and includes manipulation and mobilization, especially suitable for treating back and joint pains.

Geriatric physical therapy, specialist treatment of elderly and persons with multiple health issues, including neurological problems.

One of our therapists is member of Parknet a network for experts in treatment of Parkinson patients.

COPD (lung / pulmonary affections)

For people with pulmonary problems we have specialist pulmonary function testing equipment and exercise possibilities in our practice. i.e. measurement of oxygen saturation during sports activities, hart beat, blood pressure and spirometry .

Our Physical Therapists

All our therapists are registered in the Quality Register for Physical Therapy (SKF).
You can choose your therapist in our practice freely (e.g. many women prefer treatment by a woman). We make use of each other’s capacities and the available expertise inside but if needed also outside the practice.

Several of the physiotherapists working in this practice have worked abroad for extended periods and one of our therapists operated her own physical therapy business in Asia.

Our Equipment

For the support of our treatments we have a wide range of exercise materials available including training equipment in our exercise room.
We have specialist measurement equipment in our practice which will be used for assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of your physical condition: E.g. heart beat measure, measuring blood pressure, muscle power-, fat percentage- and muscle tension- (myofeedback) meter.

We offer:

  • Qualitative high standard treatment and compliance with the guidelines of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF). All our therapists are registered in the Central Quality Register for Physical Therapy.
  • Personal treatment, a treatment session usually takes half an hour. You will receive full attention from our therapists.
  • Prompt appointments, treatment possible within one or two days after contacting us for an appointment.
  • Optimal coordination with other healthcare providers. Good contacts with doctors, medical practitioners and specialists.
  • Insurance assistance, we have contacts with all health insurers and can in most cases directly bill to your insurance company.
  • Use of the exercise room for free. Patients can freely use the facilities in our exercise room, when under treatment.

Contact us:

For more information or an appointment please call or e-mail to

It is also possible to visit our practice and make an appointment or get direct treatment when time is available:

Fysiotherapie Groothuis, Nude 30, 6702DL, Wageningen